Our Soaps

Our soaps are made using 100% natural ingredients sourced from nature. They contain the right combination of plant fats, essential oils, clays and natural exfoliants to make the perfect bar of Outdoor Soap.

A perfect bar of soap?

In our opinion, a perfect bar of soap can withstand the elements, it will lather like a dream and leave your body feeling soft and nourished. It will remind you of mountains, forests, sand dunes and lashing winds. A perfect bar of soap is safe to use in the environment and does wonders for your skin. It scrubs away the ordinary so you can experience a truly natural wash.

How's it made?

Our soaps are made using a traditional cold process method. First, we combine our plant fats with a lye solution. We then slowly, and very precisely add our clays, exfoliants and essential oils until they start to form a soapy batter. We then pour our batter into handmade wooden slabs and wait a couple of days for the soap to set. Once the batter has hardened and turned into a big block of soap, we then cut the individual bars and leave them to cure for 1 month. The soaps are then tested, wrapped and are ready to send out - box fresh.